A. Physical Geography


                Africa, like other countries, has many notable locations.  These locations are easy to find because they can be found in close proximity to other locations.  Some of these places are: The Sahara Desert, the Atlas Mountains, Lake Victoria, and Lake Tanganyika.
                The Sahara Desert dominates the entire Northwestern part of Africa.  It is the largest dry desert in the world and spans 9,100,000 square kilometers of space in Africa.  Although it is so large, it is NOT the largest desert in the world.  The Sahara desert serves as a border between the cultures of Northern and Southern Africa.  The desert rolls into the Atlas Mountains, the Nile River, and the Niger River, with Atlas Mountains to the north, the Niger River to the west, and the Nile River to the east.  The Nile River flows into Lake Victoria.  Lake Victoria is just north of Lake Tanganyika, which is north of the Kalahari.  The Congo River flows down to the south on the west side of Lake Victoria.
                 The Congo river is also known as the Zaire River, is located south of the Sahara and in the middle of the middle of the continent and starts at the Atlantic Ocean.  The Congo River is the river deepest in the world being measured at 750 ft. it also gained its name since it runs through the democratic republic of Congo.
                The Niger River is located on the west edge of Africa and northwest of the Congo River. The river splits into a delta in Nigeria that is known as the oil rivers. The Niger River is the third largest river in Africa.
                The Nile River is at the east of Africa near the border to the Middle East. The Nile River is the longest river in the world. It also splits into two parts near the middle. At the end of the river it makes the two
great lakes in this region of central Africa.
                The Kalahari Desert is at the very tip of Africa into eh south. It is 350,000 sq. miles.  It is surrounded by the Kalahari Basin.
Quick Summary:
  • The Largest physical feature in Africa and the largest hot desert in the world is the Sahara Desert.
  • Also the Nile River in the longest in the world and leads down in to Lake Victoria.

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