D. Savanna & Tropical Rainforest

     The savanna is a type of grassand, which most people think of africa, is in the continent of africa. The temperature ranges from 68  ̊- 86  ̊ F year round. Precipitation reaches from 10-30 inches year round.It also has a rainy season which may last 6-8 months and also a dry season the rest of the year. The savanna is located below the sahel along he east coast of africa. it takes alsmost 1/2 of Africa's surface. It contians some grasses but also wsome scattered trees and lot's of wild life. Some of this wildlife are zebras, elephants, lions, cheetahs, gazelles, wilderbeasts, giraffes,leopards, and many others. This climate region contains many large cities, highways, airports, and roads. Most africans live in this region working either as herderes and farmers. They have many manufacturing centers. 
      The tropical rainforest with over 70 inches of rain, located on the western coast in the equatorial region and in Madagascar, 15% of Africa’s main land, many plants and wild life, trees used for timber and cut down for farmland, cities and towns, highways, roads, airports. there are many jobs avaulable such as fishing, rubber tapping, farming, and tree cutting. It also has many cities and towns just like the savanna. The tropical rainforest has many plants, and wildlife such as mnkeys, toucans, lemurs,  
Quick Summary:
  • The tropical rainforest receives over 70 inches of rain per year.

  • The savanna is what people think of when they think of Africa.

Written by
Team Yogi Bearz