E. Diversity of Religions

    There are many differences between ethnic groups and religious groups. One of these is that ethnic groups are from the same places and religious groups are people who grouped together because they had similar religious groups.  Religious groups come together to worship a certain thing and/or person but ethnic groups are bonded by culture.  Also ethnic groups have the same culture, ancestry, and language, but religious groups don’t normally have the same culture, ancestry, and language.

(A lamp of a genie, or djinn, whom the Swahili believe in)

(Islam is a highly practiced religion in Africa, practiced by Arabs, (sunni) and the Swahili. The Bantu follow animism and the Ashanti worship traditional beliefs)
Quick Summary:
  • Ethnic groups from same places
  • Religious groups believe in the same religions
  • 4 ethnic groups - Bantu, Ashanti, Arabs, and Swahili


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