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Egypt Protests Coverage

posted Feb 10, 2011, 4:51 PM by Mateo Pedia   [ updated Feb 10, 2011, 4:52 PM ]

Breaking News Update: Negotiations in Egypt 
February 07, 2011― The government is now negotiating with the opposition groups in Egypt. It is a 
major turning point and things may get better. However we are still keeping a high alert watch on 
Egypt as negotiations may not be met by the government or by the opposition groups.
The government is also granting the freedom of press; finally allowing reporters at the streets without
fear of being arrested. Many of the reporters that were capture during the protests are now released.
Many are still in hiding in fear of being arrested.
 We believe that the things in Egypt can start looking better, however we will still have a close watch as the country recovers from this long chaos. ParkerPedia will continue to monitor the situation but will only report any important breaking news. This could be our final report in the Conflict in Egypt.
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World News : Conflicts Continues in Egypt 
February 04, 2011― The President of Egypt finally agreed to be interviewed by ABC News
in which he announced that he wishes to step down but his immediate resignation could cause further
chaos. The people have remained the same; still protesting in the streets of Cairo and still demanding
the resignation of the Egyptian president. 
The Obama 
Administration has not responded to the latest address of the Egyptian president. 

ParkerPedia will continue to monitor and provide coverage on this important issue.

World News: Violence Between Protesters
February 03, 2011  We have received confirmation that protesters are now attacking other protesters. The situation started when pro-Mubarak protesters tried to push the anti-Mubarak protesters out of Liberty Square. The anti-Mubarak protesters managed to defend themselves with what ever they could find. They were able to fend off the pro-Mubarak protesters and they still remain at Liberty Square demanding the immediate resignation of the Egyptian President and his officials.
Many people believe that these pro-Mubarak protesters were sent by the government. However there is no confirmation on whether that is true or not. The U.S. Government has stated that the person or organization responsible for sending those violent pro-Mubarak protesters must pay.
This does not look good for the future of Egypt. If the conflict continues to escalate the peaceful transition that the entire world is wishing could not take place. Instead a rough government transition might be likely for Egypt.
 We will continue to monitor and provide coverage on Egypt for our viewers.
World News:  Conflict in Egypt Continues
 February 02, 2011  Conflict continues to escalate as protesters continue to stand against the Mubarak's regime and demand an immediate change in government. Many people have taken sides, some are supporting the fall of the regime and some are supporting the continuation of the current government.

The number of victims is still unclear however we predict that more than 100 people have been injured due to the rioting in the streets and by the attacks  made by the Egyptian police. 

The current Egyptian leader has addressed and has reassured the people that he will turn over his power in September. Many are still demanding an immediate change and it looks as if the regime will fall soon. It is still unclear whether the people will force the president out of office. 

 We will continue to monitor the situation in Egypt and update our viewers on any important news.

 For more information on the riots in Egypt watch the provided videos.