U.S. and Allies Attack Libya
    The armed forces of the United States and several allies have stepped into Libyan terrritory and are defending Libyan civilians. Several air force fleets have already began bombing Libyan air force fleets. The cease fire agreement that was proposed was ignored by Gadhafi's forces attacking the opposition.
   The United States have committed to defend the people of Libya and to make sure that everyone is kept safe and away from this rising conflict.
 ParkerPedia will continue to monitor the situation in Libya and continue coverage for our viewers.

USS Barry launches one of the 110 Tomhawk missiles against Libyan air defenses.
Picture is public domain. Provided by U.S. Navy

World News:

 Egypt's Domino Effect
February/March 2011 - After the long protests in Egypt the people finally achieved their goal. To end the long and hard dictatorship that was controlled by Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Many people saw the great overall effect that occurred after the Egyptian protests and were inspired to follow Egypt's footsteps.
The people of Libya were the most inspired by the Egyptian results and followed their footsteps. It all started out peacefully when protesters started demanding a change in their dictatorship government. The people of Libya has been under a long lasting cruel dictatorship that is currently unstable and soon to collapse.

The difference between Egypt's protests and Libya's is that Libya's government has responded even more violent than Egypt's. The current dictator, Moammar Gadhafi, has ordered its military to protect the government and control the people of Libya under any circumstances. He has ordered many air strikes on the protesters and has also ordered for them to be shot should they continue to protest. 

Many foreign citizens that were in Libya at the time of these protests were ordered by their government to flee the country and to be relocated. Citizens from Libya have also escaped their cruel government and also have been relocated to other countries. Many towns are empty due to the high volume of people leaving the country.

The leader of Libya has addressed his people and has stated that he has no plans of leaving power and will continue to stay in the country as long as he can. The people still unsatisfied by his decision continue to go on the streets of Libya and protests his long dictatorship. Many citizens have also decided to become violent and their has been several attacks between the military and the citizens. 

The Obama Administration has warned the leader of Libya to stop his cruel violence towards the people of Libya and to step down and flee the country. Many U.S. military groups have been ordered into Libyan waters and airspace to make sure that the military doesn't attack its people.

This growing conflict has had many effects on the entire world. The first and most commonly seen by the average person is the price of gasoline. The prices of petroleum have sky rocketed affecting the entire oil-using population. The second effect is that Libya could also inspire other people to do the same and use violence against the government to demand that immediate change.

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President Barack Obama discusses the Libyan issue and the actions that the U.S. is taking.

Foreign expert explains that anyone who commits a crime in Libya is now under notice. Also warns the Libyan people to not commit any crimes.


Libyan leader addressing its people and the world.