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South/North Korea Conflict

posted Dec 17, 2010, 2:59 PM by Mateo Pedia
Update: South Korean Defense Minister Resigns

 Thursday November 25, 2010 ― The South Korean Presidency has confirmed that the South Korean Defense Minister does no longer hold the position after resigned Thursday due to a high volume of criticism. 
Many South Korean lawmakers believe that South Korea should have deployed their fighter jets to respond to N. Korea's attack.

A spokesman from the Presidential Blue House stated that the Defense Minister had submitted his resignation in May when N. Korea torpedoed a South Korean boat. The Presidential Blue House turned his first resignation down but now with the heavy criticism they didn't have any other choice to accept the resignation. The P. Blue House said that a new Defense Minister will be appointed soon. 

The Presidential Blue House

Update: Conflict Continues Within the Koreas

 Thursday November 25, 2010 ― North Korean media said that the military has been ordered to attack if provoked again by the South Korean military. The N. Korean military said that they will not tolerate any provocations from the routine exercises being conducted by the S. Korean and the United States military at the Yellow Seas. South Korean responded by enforcing its exercises and alerting the five marine bases near North Korea.

A stronger military drill will be conducted by the joint forces of the South Korean military and the United States military. This drill will be starting Sunday and it will take place at the Yellow Seas. The aircraft carrier USS George Washington is steaming at full speed towards the Yellow Seas to be part of this planned exercise drill.

Many economic experts will be monitoring the markets to see if this conflict will affect the stock market. The South Korean government will be implanting any necessary measures so that the stock market is too affect.

ParkerPedia will continue to update any important news in this arising conflict.

USS George Washington steaming towards the Yellow Seas.

This photo is the work of the U.S. Military, thus making it public domain

Tension Builds Between the Koreas

 Tuesday November 23, 2010 ― It all began when South Korea started its military routine exercises by firing artillery shots within its territorial waters when suddenly North Korea fires 100 rounds of artillery at Yeonpyeong Island in the Yellow Sea. North Korea said that South Korea was engaged in "reckless military provocation" and that they wouldn't tolerate any provocation from them. The attack against South Korea has currently caused two deaths, several casualties, and the evacuation of the Yeonpyeong Island.

After N. Korea's attack towards S. Korea, South Korea's military responded by firing about more than 80 rounds of artillery and deploying several fighter jets; the confrontation lasted for about an hour and then later stopped. 

After firing ceased, South Korean leader stated that the foreign aid being given to N. Korea will stop and also said that the S. Korean government  "banned its nationals from entering the communist state, indefinitely postponed scheduled Red Cross talks and began looking at ways to push the United Nations to condemn Pyongyang.

President Barack Obama defended South Korea in this conflict and that he will not give his opinion on the matter until he consults with the South Korean President. However he has stated that both presidents have agreed to have both (South Korean and United States) military in combined exercises to prepare for any further arising conflict. 

Many officials say that North Korea was trying to distract the world from a recent discovery from a scientist stating that N. Korea has built a new uranium enrichment facility and that they plan to enhance their nuclear program.

Several meetings will be taking place to discuss the actions of North Korea and to discuss to whether there should be any consequences towards North Korea. ParkerPedia will be on the topic reporting any important news from this arising conflict between the Koreas.