Japanese authorities have confirmed that there are at least 3,300 casualties caused by the natural disasters. They have also confirmed that there are at least half of million people in community and government shelters in Japan. They have also stated that these numbers continue to grow; making the rebuilding situation much harder.


The nuclear plants in Japan are under a severe warning level as they continue to heat and the cooling systems failing. Japanese officials are evacuating the areas that could be affected by any explosion from the nuclear plants. Radiation levels have continued to rise and spread; this was confirmed the rising radiation levels in Tokyo, Japan.

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World News: 
         The Japanese Natural Disaster 2011

Friday March 11 2011 - Many people in Japan went to sleep thinking that they would awake to a normal Saturday morning, however an unexpected catastrophic event took place. At around 2:45 A.M. an earthquake of 8.9-9.0 magnitude took place some 230 miles away from Tokyo. This devastating earthquake is the fifth largest in the world ever recorded causing severe damages. Unfortunately this doesn't stop here, this massive earthquake also caused several tsunamis to threaten Japan and several other countries. 

About an hour later after the earthquake a 30 feet tall tsunami hits many coastal areas in Japan. This tsunami washed many things such as cars and buildings it also caused a lot of destruction in the Japanese infrastructure. The tsunami also hit nations such as the U.S. and Russia causing several damage.

The damage caused by mother nature was severe, but the problems don't stop there. Several nuclear plants in Japan that took hit from the earthquake are not able to start their emergency protocol to shut it down using their cooling system. The companies that were in charged of the nuclear plants tried to shut it down by pouring salt water. However after many attempts it still has not been completely shut down and there is currently rumors that there is some radiation leakage but it still has not been confirmed. 

Many people have pledged their support by offering relief teams and supplies. There is currently several search and rescue missions going on being conducted my many volunteers and several military troops. The American Red Cross has already been stationed there and is currently giving relief supplies to those victims of these disasters. 

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A short video about the devastating events and families looking for their loved ones.

A witness explains the Japanese natural disaster.