Is the Afghanisan War another Vietnam?

posted Dec 1, 2010, 3:58 PM by Elizabeth Savage
    I belive that the Afghanistan War is a fruietless war.We can't fix everyones probles.It's horriable what Alkida and Osama Bin Laden is and were doing but too many of our young soildiers of America are dying.
    My first piont is that we can't fix everyones probles.It is good that we have trained the cizilians how to defend for them selfs. However we can not change how they live. It is wrong to invade a country find nothing and stay for 10 years.
     I'm not saying that what Alkida have and are doing aren't wrong. We're being childish if this war or part of it is a revenge war for the Twin Towers, although that was devistateing.Although we have been in the country for 10 years! Although a smart thing to do would proboly be to have secrete agents in the country. Alkida members aren't going to stop hiding untill there aren't soilders walking the streets. The longer we're publicly seen there the longer they'll hide.
    Finnaly, too many of our young men and women are dying in this war.We need those people to be the buyers and sellers of the country, we shouldn't waste lives on a war we will gain nothing but revenge on. Even with the stress of the economy on top of the death of sons and daughters won't help the mothers and fathers of our country be productive either.
    A hidden Bin Ladden, 10 years of war, and our soilders dying on top of that it's a country half way across the world adds up to a fruietless war to me.The reasons I have listed above are why I belive that the Afghanistan war is a fruietless war and in essence, another Vietnam.