Is the Afghanistan War like a Vietnam War?

posted Nov 30, 2010, 6:13 PM by Mateo Pedia
 "Is the Afghanistan War just like a Vietnam War?" - Many people have asked this question several times during the ten year war period. 

 In my opinion the Afghanistan War is in fact another Vietnam War! I do however want to say that the when we entered Afghanistan we had a valid good reason. However several years have passed and little progress has been done over the years.

 In both wars the United State is fighting overseas and in land that is tough and hard to fight in. Our troops are doing the best that they can trying to fight in a guerrilla like environment. The opposition has always had a terrain advantage thus making both wars very difficult. 

 What has been the purpose of the Afghanistan War? To capture Osama bin Laden, To completely wipe our the radical terrorist groups in that region? I believe that our purpose for staying there is completely ridiculous and that we will not achieve a victory within 5 years. I think it's impossible to completely wipe out the radical terrorist groups in that region since angry civilians seeking retaliation against the U.S. join these terrorist groups and make it even harder for us to win.

 I think that the U.S. should bring all troops home and focus more on repairing the damage that has been done here in the U.S. and in the Southwest Asia region. Our economy continues to sink and part of that is because of the heavy spending due to this war. If the U.S. wants to feel safer they should increase the homeland security and not worry about foreign problems instead of trying to fix the whole entire world.

 So to wrap things up; the Afghanistan War is just like a Vietnam War!