Is The War In Afghanistan Another Vietnam? Yes

posted Nov 30, 2010, 6:51 PM by David R

            I feel that the war in Afghanistan is another Vietnam.  In Afghanistan and in Vietnam the terrain and the length have been very similar along with many other things.

            To start with the terrain in Vietnam and Afghanistan are both very treacherous. Also the people that live there have an advantage while the US has problems with moving equipment and finding people that are hidden.  Next the lengths are similar and getting closer by the day. The 11 year Vietnam War and the 9 year (so far) War In Afghanistan. In addition to that analysts say that the war in Afghanistan will surpass the length of the Vietnam War. Next both of our opponents have used Gorilla Warfare tactics. Also both wars are fought overseas which is hard for families and friends of people risking their lives. The men and women overseas often come home for short times only to leave again days later.

            The war in Afghanistan is, in my opinion, another Vietnam. The US should get out of Afghanistan before anymore people get hurt or killed by this war.