I think Afghanistan WILL be another Vietnam

posted Nov 29, 2010, 4:20 PM by David Williams   [ updated Nov 29, 2010, 4:36 PM ]

I think that the War in Afghanistan will come to be another Vietnam War. In many ways, the War in Afghanistan is very similar to Vietnam. Some examples would be: length of war, tough terrain, insurgent groups, etc.

First of all, the War of Afghanistan has lasted 9, going on 10 years while the Vietnam War lasted for 11 years. The way things are going so far, it doesn’t seem that we’ll be out of Afghanistan until longer than that. The War in Afghanistan could actually last LONGER than the Vietnam War. This would make it the longest US involved war in history, replacing Vietnam.

Next, in both countries there is very tough terrain. In Afghanistan, there are mountains while in Vietnam, there are thick jungles. In both cases, heavy artillery, and large units are difficult to move through those locations. There are plenty of places for the enemy to hide, especially when they have the advantage of knowledge of the location.  

Finally, there are insurgent groups. Insurgent groups are when troops blend in with civilians, making it tough to attack locations without killing innocent people. Both Vietnamese and Afghani units have used this technique.

Because of length, terrain, and insurgent groups, the War in Afghanistan is very much like the Vietnam War. That is why I believe that the War in Afghanistan will turn into another Vietnam War.
"...This time around it seems so much worse, you know the loneliness and the fear of the not knowing, followed by the questions from outsiders as to how your husband is doing and when he will be home and the ever so famous "I just heard about an incident in Afghanistan, that's not where your husband is at is it?" It has gotten so bad at times that I actually have a small map on desk for those types of questions..." 
                                                                 -Spouse of husband stationed in Afghanistan
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