The war in Afghanistan is going to be Vietnam all over again, right? WRONG!

posted Dec 1, 2010, 1:54 PM by Karl Pedia
    So, the question, "Is the Afghani war another Vietnam?" A lot of people say yes, but others say no, and I am on the side of "no". Sure, there are some things that are similar, like the difficult terrain, but almost everything else is different.
    First of all, there's the deaths. In Vietnam, more than 58,000 soldiers were killed. In Afghanistan, only 1,025, almost 57,000 less! Also, we actually have, what I call anyway, a viable reason for attacking Afghanistan, which was 9/11. However, in Vietnam, we only went across the Pacific because we lost only 1 battleship in the Gulf of Tonkin.
    Now here, people on the other side might be throwing objections at me, and yes there are similarities between the two. For instance, there is the rough going in the rough terrain, and also the length. But really, to me, that's it, and because of these two very small similarities, I am on the "con" side of this.