The War of Afghanistan vs. the Vietnam War

posted Dec 1, 2010, 3:39 PM by Rebecca Pedia

Yes. In my own opinion , the War of Afghanistan is very similar to the Vietnam War. The length, terrain, strategy, and those who are involved.

I believe that the war of Afghanistan will turn out to be like the Vietnam war. There are many similarities between the two wars. The war of Afghanistan is lasting 9 years and the Vietnam war lasted 11.  Also, another reason would be the USA was involved in both wars. They fought on foreign soil. In the middle east .   But that’s a bad disadvantage because were not familiar with the area. The terrain is tough, treterous, and very very hard to fight on.

  Many people died in both wars. Yes, in the Vietnam war way more died but the war of Afghanistan still has many years to come.  No one knows when the war is going to end. But hopefully there will be some time of solution soon so that we can bring our troops home.