YES, I Think the Afghanistan war is another Vietnam

posted Dec 1, 2010, 2:48 PM by Tyler Pedia
    I think the Afghanistan waar is another Vietnam. They are so alike. Here are some reasons why. Vietnam is the longest war in U.S. history and it's the only we have lost the Afghanistan has almost lasted as long as the Vietnam war.
    Despite the how long the wars have lasted the deaths to american soilders is much less in Afghanistan. There were around 848 U.S. military casualties in afghanistan while there were 58,000 U.S. casualties in Vietnam. As well there was a good reason for going into Afghanistan which would be 9/11 while there was no GOOd reason for the spark of the vietnam.
    These are all the reasons for why I think Afghanistan war is another Vietnam. Because of how long our troops have been in Afghanistan, the amount of deaths to soilders, and because of the reason for the war.