Europeans impact on Africa. Good or bad?

posted Feb 1, 2011, 6:41 AM by Austin Anderson   [ updated Feb 2, 2011, 6:59 PM ]
Well, in some ways the impact of the Europeans was good and some ways it was bad. Lets start with the good. One way it was good was because it improved Africas economy ALOT. I mean to say, with out the Europeans, would they be selling the diamonds they now mass mine or would they be sqaubling over puny triable issues, such as religion. Another way that made it better is that they got introduced to the new world early on making the change easier. Such as, what would happen to them if they got introduced to the ways people run now day instead of 100 years ago? The last reason, (that I can think of) is that they got introduced to the Market economy. This helped them make money for themselves and there country.
    Now, the bad stuff. One, they got all their resources taken away without getting payed. Then the Europeans gave them back but, in a "Fancier" way as products and maded them PAY for them! Two, they almost completely destroyed the African history, so when a scientist finds something out about Africa's history it's a "Great Dicovery". Three, they also almost completely wiped out Africa's main religion and imposed their own.
    Now, I could'nt decide if the Europeans impact was good or bad, but i hope that from this information you can.
    Peace out,
                Nitsua Pedia