Separation of Ethnic Groups

posted Jan 27, 2011, 2:10 PM by Mateo Pedia
 There has been a lot of problems in Africa; many corrupt governments, many internal conflicts. However I believe that when the age of colonism the biggest problem was the fact that in the Berlin Conference they split countries not based on ethnic groups. 
 This problem created a lot of tension between people that had problems against each other. If you were being forced to live in a country full of other people that you dislike and that they dislike you; you wouldn't feel good. This creates the chances of violence acts against groups within a country. The separation of ethnic groups creates the bigger possibility of a corrupt government, because someone will say "If you elect me I will force them out of here" and then the elected person will not serve their country propertly and will start taking advantage of their power.
 I think that they weren't thinking about the people living in those lands when they were splitting the land. They should have organized them based on what ethnic group they belong. I think that IF they would have divided Africa based on ethnic groups a lot of problems could have been avoided.
 This is why I believe that separating ethnic groups was the worse impact on Africa.