The Worst Part? Division that wasn't based on ethnic groups.

posted Jan 28, 2011, 1:49 PM by Ethan Pedia
When Europe divided Africa at the Berlin Conference, they did not take into mind that some ethnic groups dislike each other, and instead colonized willy-nilly, which created conflicts between the ethnic groups that disliked each other. All Europe wanted from Africa were marketplaces, resources, bragging rights, and to spread Christianity. If two enemy ethnic groups happened to wind up in the same border of a colony, the leaders of the colony would try to order them to to be peaceful, and conflicts would occur. Mass violence and riots broke out, which killed may people and decreased Africa's population. Only 2 countries maintaned safety from the colonization, Liberia and Ethiopia.
    This is why Europe should have taken more consideration into dividing countries. All they cared about was the money they could make, so they just jumped on the chance to make money without a second thought.