High Level Talks Aim to End Afghanistan War

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from the New York Times:
Original Article: Peace Talks with the Taliban: (below)

In Kabul, Afghanistan, some high-ranking leaders of the Taliban are talking with the president of Afghanistan. The president, Hamid Karzai is discussing peace with Taliban leaders. The goal of discussing peace is to end the ongoing Afghanistan War. Many of the discussions have occurred outside Kabul. The Taliban entered the country under the assurance that they would not be attacked by any NATO forces. The names of the 4 Taliban leaders are not being released to the public. These talks have been carried out on different dates, and the negotiations are one of the best efforts to end this war in a while. An Afghan citizen has said “These are face-to-face to discussions; this is not about making the Americans happy or making Karzai happy. It’s about what is in the best interests of the Afghan people.”

The overall leader of the Taliban was cut out of these negotiations.
Mullah Muhammad Omar was left out because he has connections to various Pakistani security forces. Pakistan is not happy at all with these
negotiations. Once they discovered that the Taliban were secretly meeting with Afghani officials, they began imprisoning various members of the Taliban.

Hopefully, these peace discussions can end the war. But people are
wary of putting a bit too much hope in the talks. For the talks to work,
America must withdraw, and the Taliban have to stop fighting. If the talks work, the Afghanistan War will be over, and American troops can go home.

Georgia Performance Standards

SS7H2 The student will analyze continuity and change in Southwest Asia (Middle East) leading to the 21st century.
    d. Explain U.S. presence and interest in Southwest Asia; include the Persian Gulf conflict and invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Important People, Places or Terms
  • Quetta shura - is a militant organization composed of top leadership of the Afghan Taliban
  • NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • Peshawar shura - Regional Military - directs activities in eastern and northeastern Afghanistan
  • Taliban - Islamic movement controlling Afghanistan: a strict Islamic group that ruled Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001
  • Haqqani network - independent insurgent group in Afghanistan and Pakistan that is closely allied with the Taliban - Obama declared it a terrorist organization
  • President Hamid Karzai - president of Afghanistan

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