C. Communism & the Cold War



When you think about the idea of communism it sounds great, but when you see the results they are bad. Health care if free, but bad. Nobody has private property, everybody is poor, the businesses are slow, and the governments always fall. The government also controls the economy. Most of the time, they turn into dictatorships because the government gets all the power. There are many examples of communist countries that fell. Russia was a failure and China converted into a dictatorship. The only countries that remain communist to this day are North Korea and Cuba. Both of the countries are poor and the government controls the economy which means that there is a lot of black market.

One of the biggest reasons that a communist government falls is because there is no incentive for the workers to work hard, and the citizens of the country starve and die of famine because the government cannot provide food for all the people. This is why many countries back then like the U.S. hated communism. In fact, the United States of America had a containment policy which was to do anything such as get rid of communism.The U.S.S.R. was our main rival. The containment policy was about stopping the spread of communism. After WWII, both sides were competing on, for the U.S.S.R.: spreading communism, and for the U.S:stopping communism from spreading . It started in Asia and the U.S. was furious. Since the U.S.S.R. was also developing nuclear weapons, both countries were scared that they would start a nuclear war and both knew that could be an end for humanity. The U.S. helped many countries in Asia and South America stop communism. We helped in Vietnam and in North Korea by fighting in the war and providing weapons and supplies by shipping it to them.       

This is President Harry S Truman;he started the containment policy.

Quick Summary:
  • Communism is an ecinomic system where wealth is distributed evenly for all the people
  • Communism doesn't work because everyone gets the same amount of money no matter what. Therefore there is no incdentive to work hard.

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Unit 10 Notebook