C. Government of China

     The flag of China.


     This is a picture of the current leader of China, Hu Jinatao.

     This is a picture of Mao Zedong, he was the 1st chairman of the communist party, but is no longer in power because he is dead.


     China’s type of government is formally a “communist state,” which is a dictatorship.  It is oligarchic and unitary.  The type of legislature is unicameral and is the “National People’s Congress,” which is controlled by the communist party.  Their leader is a president that is selected by National People’s Congress.  China’s current president is Hu Jintao.  Citizens over the age of 18 vote in certain local elections, but the elections are controlled by the communist party.  There is no freedom of speech or media.  Also, you cannot criticize the government and there are very little personal freedoms.
     China may seem like it is moving towards a more democratic system.  However, politically, it is still safe to say that China still denies its citizens some common freedoms.  The Chinese government has ABSOLUTELY ZERO tolerance for criticizing them.  These people go to extreme lengths to keep anything that could be even remotely slanderous or scandalizing.  They oppress open protests, the media, anything that can oppose them.  The news is often fed propaganda by the government to present on their programs.  The internet is blocked against “illegal searches”. China also has a corruption problem.  Since the death of Mao Zedong, China’s Communist Party remains to be the only political party in power.  It is possible that voting is sometimes rigged by the government.  Some elections only have one choice (usually the Communist Party).  Fortunately, personal freedoms for civilians have improved over the years.  People can buy whatever they can afford to buy, and choose who to work for.  Oddly enough, even though China is so large, it runs on a unitary system.  This is often seen as a stupid thing to do, since that means all decisions are made at a national level. For instance, China runs under one time zone, even if it might be morning on one side and the evening on the other.

Quick Summary:
  • China's current government is a Communist State. 
  • Must be 18 to vote.
  • Government is controlled by the Communist Party.
  • Hu Jintao is the current president.
  • Very little personal freedoms.
  • Oligarchic
  • Unitary

Written by
Team Platinum