B. Citizen Participation

    In the picture above you only see 1 person standing alone. This means that only one person has complete control over the government.

    In an Autocratic government little or NO ONE can participate in the government. Men and women usually do not have equal rights. NO ONE can vote on the leader.This means that there are little or no rights for the people.

    In the picture above there are a few people standing together. This means that only a small group of people can participate in the government.

    An Oligarchic government is where only a few people can participate in the government. Men and women usually DO NOT have equal rights in oligarchic governments. Only the selected group of people can vote on the leader and make rules.
    In the picture above you can see that there are many people together. This is meant to say that all of the people in the country can participate in the government.
    A democratic government is a government where EVERYONE can participate. In this government, men and women have equal rights for the most part. In a democratic government people can vote for the leader directly or indirectly by representatives. 
Quick Summary:
  • In an oligarchy and autocracy citizens have limited or no power.
  • In a democracy all citizens can participate.
  • Freedom ranges from least to greatest participation: autocracy, oligarchy, then democracy.
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