H. Israel

The State of Israel
a Unitary, Parliamentary Republic
        The State of Israel has a Unitary, Parliamentary Republic. This means that they have one level of government (Unitary), their leader is elected by the legislature (Parliamentary Democracy), and the people elect representatives to vote on legislature (Republic). Being a Parliamentary Democracy, the citizens are very free and can vote in free and fair elections.
        Their leader, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has the real power over the country. He is the leader of the Knesset, Israel's parliament, which has 140 seats elected for 4 year terms. They also have a ceremonial leader, "President" Shimon Peres, who really has no power. He attends formal events in place of the Prime Minister. 
Video of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu


A map of Israel (light tan)
Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu
"President" Shimon Peres
Quick Summary
  • Israel is a Unitary, Parliamentary Republic.
  • Unitary- One level of gov't
  • Parliamentary Democracy- Prime Minister is elected by the legislature
  • Republic- People elect representatives to vote on legislature

Flag Description:    
    Israel's flag has two horizontal lines, and in the middle is the Star of David, a Jewish symbol. Israel uses this symbol due to it being the official religion of Israel.

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