D. Theocracy

The picture below shows a man (leader) holding a book, related to religion, and a crucifix, also on religion. He wears a robe also, significant to religion.
    A theocracy is a government in which the ruler of the country is a religious leader. The supreme leader makes laws based on rules of the religion. But many leaders abuse their power and become very corrupt.

    Some examples of theocracies are Iran and Vatican City.

    There are many similarities in a monarchy and theocracy. But there are also many differences.For example, in either monarchy or theocracy the people cannot vote. Also, in almost any monarchy or theocracy the people's personal freedom is restricted, and on almost any occasion the government will do this to have the people in fear, because the leaders do not want to be overthrown. And obviously, the people in both, a theocracy and a monarchy the people are not allowed to vote. Especially when its about their leader.

    There are also some differences too. In a theocratic government the religious/supreme leader does not have to be royal descent. But there are some stuff that the leader is required to do before he is a leader. Unlike a monarchy, in a theocracy the leader is required to practice, study, and usually rule the country with laws that follow those rules. An example of a monarchy is Saudi Arabia. So the government of Iran(theocratic) and Saudi Arabia(monarchy) are similar but at the same time different.
Quick Summary: 

    • Theocracies are ruled by a religious leader.
    • A theocracy can be oligarchic but it can also be autocratic.
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