D. Economies of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey



Entrepreneurs are people who combine natural, human capital and capital goods together and, making a risk, to start and run a business. They don’t tie in with the gov’t but only when they want to start a business. Depending on what type of gov't McDonald’s, for example, is an entrepreneurship NOT controlled by the gov’t, but by everyday people (mostly). Doing all this does affect the economy though. It raises the country’s GDP because most of the products sold in entrepreneurial businesses sell products from its homeland. 

This is Bill Gates, a very important entrepreneur who started Microsoft.
Quick Summary:
  • Turkey is improving it's economy is improving in GDP and GDP per capita
  • Turkey is leaning closer to a market economy 
  •  All countries are mixed economies
  • In Saudi Arabia most oil industries are government owned, in fact 95% are
  • Israel's farms are heavily controlled by the government

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The pictures above are  Wikimedia Commons. The silver coin with golden frame is a Turkey lira. The brown coin is Israel's New Shekel. The paper currency is Saudi Arabia's riyals.